• Prelude – Development Log #201

    After a great livestream on Monday, the team jumped right back in to prepare next week’s update dubbed “Prelude”, which introduces production fees and building degradation.

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  • Development Log #200

    This issue of our development log doesn’t require a title: The number is enough to convey what it will be about. Julian is still on vacation today, but Michi and I take a moment to look back on 200 weeks of development.

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  • Full to the Brim – Development Log #199

    Prosperous Universe has never been more active than these past two weeks! What’s more, the game is starting to get some attention on Twitch.

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  • The Gates Have Opened – Development Log #198

    With a big release and an even bigger influx of new players, this week has been a massive milestone in Prosperous Universe’s history. The team has been very busy beating the drum, making new FAQ, fixing bugs, and creating some exclusive behind the scenes content.

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  • Thoughts on Free-to-Play – Development Log #197

    This week’s issue of our development log will be slightly different from our usual ones. Obviously, everyone on the team has been super busy with the ramp-up to our free-to-play release on Friday. If you missed it, here’s our release trailer once more:

    But instead of talking about all the tasks involved in getting this release out the door, I thought it would be more interesting to write a few words about what free-to-play means to us and why we are doing it in the first place, especially because the term itself comes with a lot of baggage.

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