• Thoughts on Free-to-Play – Development Log #197

    This week’s issue of our development log will be slightly different from our usual ones. Obviously, everyone on the team has been super busy with the ramp-up to our free-to-play release on Friday. If you missed it, here’s our release trailer once more:

    But instead of talking about all the tasks involved in getting this release out the door, I thought it would be more interesting to write a few words about what free-to-play means to us and why we are doing it in the first place, especially because the term itself comes with a lot of baggage.

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  • Prosperous Universe is now free to play!

    Dear licensees,

    in December of 2018, Prosperous Universe launched into a closed alpha state we call First Access. Since then, we have been constantly at work to improve the game and add new features. We did so in cooperation with a small but wonderful community of dedicated players who kept on playing the game despite it being a huge work-in-progress and, most importantly, us throwing a hard paywall into their path right after sign-up: Unless you got a key for free somewhere, you had to pay to even get a glimpse of the game.

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  • Landing Gear Deployed – Development Log #196

    Today, we not only unveil the date and release notes of the upcoming Free to Play update, but we already take a peek at what’s next content-wise: a number of big updates dubbed ‘Expanse’!

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  • Path to Freedom – Development Log #195

    With the Free To Play update rapidly approaching, the team is working on a brand new trailer and already preparing to become nostalgic of the early days.

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  • Recruitment – Development Log #194

    This week has been mostly about one big thing: simulogics is hiring! If you are an experienced Game Systems Designer or Web Frontend Developer, you might want to check out our open positions.

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