• The Numbers Game – Development Log #174

    In today’s devlog, you can read up on what’s happened in one of the most eventful weeks Prosperous Universe has ever had and, for the first time ever, take an extended look at some of our back-end statistics!

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  • Hello World! – Development Log #173

    An unusual week warrants an unusual devlog: If you follow this blog, our forums or any of our social media channels, it was hard for you to miss the news about the reset of Alpha 6 and the consequent launch of Alpha 7. And that’s essentially what dominated the whole team’s work schedule for the week.

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  • A New World Awaits

    Dear licensees,

    get ready for a massively upgraded Prosperous Universe! A brand new world has been started this morning, and you are cordially invited to see for yourself how much has happened since the beginning of First Access.

    Join now to get a head start on the competition!

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  • The End is Nigh – Development Log #172

    With the first Big Crunch just around the corner, the crew is working hard on putting the final pieces of the next world together.

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  • Space Revelations – Development Log #171

    The main event of this week has clearly been the live stream on Tuesday. A whole lot of changes and updates were announced, which will take effect after the game world reset in March.

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