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A system that grants players within a faction the right to influence certain faction-wide policies through a voting system.

Orbital Structures

Allows to build space stations in orbit around planets, allowing to use ships for transport that do not require the ability to land on planetary surfaces or fly within atmospheres.

Deep Space Structures

Similar to orbital structures, but these structures orbit around a star instead of a planet. Will most likely serve strategic purposes.


Shared planetary structures that affect all bases on a planet.

Asteroid Mining

Using specialized equipment, players can search for and exploit asteroids.

Flexible Contracts

More control over the contract system, allowing to design custom contracts, for example loans or supply contracts including delivery locations and dates.

Population Development

Extension of the existing population simulation to allow growth based on satisfaction over time. This adds a more long-term component to base operations.


Running a base and operating production modules requires energy. Depending on the environment of your base and the kind of production process, energy requirements might differ widely. The availability of different energy sources becomes an additional criterion when choosing base locations.


The characteristics of a planet are not visible to anyone anymore. Players have to investigate planets first to see what resources they offer and what the atmosphere looks like.

Private Exchanges

Corporations can open and operate commodity exchanges of their own which allows them to control the materials to be traded, the fee structure, whether to offer escrow or not, what player rating is required to trade, and many more settings.