The future of mankind depends on you!

Become an entrepreneur in the new worlds and produce, trade and transport goods in a persistent online universe.

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Be your own master!

Unlimited possibilities lie ahead of you!

No matter whether you want to mine resources on remote planets, design complex production chains, game the commodity exchanges, haul your products around the universe or design your very own can do all of this and more in Prosperous Universe.

Real world. Real consequences.

The universe is a big place, but you are not alone.

Your competition consists of thousands of other players. Be careful whom to trust and choose your partners wisely. Whatever goal you set for yourself, every single choice you make will leave a mark on the universe. Make a difference or vanish in insignificance!

The ultimate economic sandbox!

A real economy: Driven by people, constantly changing.

Every resource, every component, even every spaceship, can and must be provided by players, not NPCs. Every price is determined by supply and demand...or strategy and intrigues. Trade on real-time exchanges 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Broker deals in a variety of currencies and make information your weapon!