Choose Your Play Style

Prosperous Universe can be played completely for free. However, there are certain benefits to upgrading your license to PRO.

FREE License (Free-to-Play)

Meant for new players and those that want a more leisure experience.

See all included features.

Commodity Exchanges

Trade and sell on each faction's intergalactic market exchange.

Two ships

Use your two ships to explore space and deliver and pick up goods.

Create Multiple Bases

Use your wealth to grow your operations throughout the cluster.

Explore Remote Planets

Find ways to colonize even the most inhospitable regions.

Join Corporations

Don't always do it alone, create business strategies with other space entrepreneurs.

Trade on a Real-Time Market

Every resource is made and sold by you and other like-minded CEOs.

Unlimited Production Lines

Run all your business activities at once if you have the resources of course.

Make Your Own Rules

The galaxy is your oyster, decide what you want to do when you want to do it.

Track Commodity Prices

See the history of how commodity prices rise and fall over time.

Contract Termination

Cancel contracts when you or your business partner change their mind or when one cannot fulfill the arrangement.

Play Free

BASIC License

A PRO License will automatically convert to BASIC after subscription has expired.

BASIC license contains everything that a FREE license offers plus:

See all included features.

Accept Local Market Ads

Ads can be accepted but not posted on local markets.

Post Shipping Ads on Stations

Shipping ads on stations can be posted and accepted.

Close Contracts

Allows custom contracts to be closed when sent to you by other players but cannot be self-originated.


Choose a PRO License Duration


Support Tier Packages

Looking for Support Tiers? You can help support the Devs by purchasing a support tier package that gives certain in-game perks as well as PrUn swag! Click the button below for more details.