Contract Details - Development Log #357

Michi digs in a little bit deeper on the topic of faction contracts and Nick is preparing for the new tutorial videos to be out soon!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

This week I was able to finish the exploration faction contract I talked about last week. While the contracts themselves did already work last week, lots of details have been added. Have a look at the video below. The player receives three contract offers from the faction:

As you can see, all three are variations of the same type of exploration contract. In the preamble, we now briefly explain what faction contracts are about. We also list all faction offers that are received at the same time, and clicking on one them will open the respective contract view. The preamble also contains the mission description.

The payment for a faction contract can either consist of some currency only or a mixture of currency and materials. The materials rewarded are usually construction fabs, fuels or basic consumables.

In case of the exploration contract, we chose a random location a few jumps away from the players headquarters. It is up to the player to decide if the trip is worth their time and money. These types of contracts do have rather long deadlines, so they can be combined with other trips, for example deliveries or supply runs to the stations.

Now that we have established how the faction contract system works in general, I will continue implementing other types of faction contracts.

Avatar Nick


Last week was spent doing a variety of tasks like finding new influencers for a sponsored video, getting newsletters ready, and coordinating with SeaPear on the tutorial remakes. I'm really excited about getting these new tutorials out there since I think they have turned out very well and the community could definitely use the update. It has been awhile since the original videos were posted and there are many differences in game between now and then. You won't have to wait to much longer since we decided to release the "early game" videos sooner and then the "late game" videos will join the rest when they are finished. Make sure you are also tuning into Pear Talks PrUn Podcast!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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