Prosperous Universe is now free to play!

Dear licensees,

in December of 2018, Prosperous Universe launched into a closed alpha state we call First Access. Since then, we have been constantly at work to improve the game and add new features. We did so in cooperation with a small but wonderful community of dedicated players who kept on playing the game despite it being a huge work-in-progress and, most importantly, us throwing a hard paywall into their path right after sign-up: Unless you got a key for free somewhere, you had to pay to even get a glimpse of the game.

While this model has served us well over the initial months and the game continues to be very much in development, we feel like it is time for this wall to finally come down!

So as we have announced for quite some time already, today we are switching to a freemium model: Anyone interested can sign-up and play the game indefinitely without any payment required. Only if you want to use all the features APEX has to offer, you need to upgrade to a PRO license.

We will provide more insights into our motivation behind this move in next Sunday's development log. Until then, I recommend you check out the dedicated release page or, if you desire a full change log, head over to the forums for just that!

And last but not least, there is an amazing new trailer. Check it out:

Let us know what you think on the forums. Happy trading!