Free to play

As of today, we are making good on our promise by allowing everybody to play for FREE! Get your FREE license today and check out what the universe has in store for you. If you are new, make sure to consult the Handbook when setting up your company, and consider supporting us by obtaining a Pro license. Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Free To Play update brings about. Happy trading!

Play for free
Screenshot of Free To Play Release

The Gates Have Opened

Let's welcome our new peers! With APEX's payment restrictions being removed across all systems, a second wave of colonies partaking in the program is to be expected. But alas, not everyone is created equal: Only Pro users possessing at least an Asteroid-tier license will have the full power of APEX at their fingertips.

Screenshot of Free To Play Release

Rise of the Rating Agencies

The newly introduced company ratings serve to indicate a company's trustworthiness on the market. With the latest update, it is possible to trade with no rating at all, but with restricted access to Local Markets, the Chamber of Global Commerce, and some other aspects of APEX.

Screenshot of Free To Play Release

Fair ComEx Pricing Guarantee

With the recent introduction of Local Markets, there is now a dedicated system in place for moving products between companies at ANY price. To limit Commodity Exchanges strictly to fair trading between business partners, price bands now limit how much a product's price can deviate from its previous average.

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