Coming from very different backgrounds, the team behind Prosperous Universe shares a common passion for hard science fiction and serious business simulation games.

Profile Martin Simons

Martin Simons

Project Lead, Programming, Game Design

Martin actually holds a degree in logistics but decided early on that the shipping industry wasn't for him. There exists an undeniable passion for transport, though, leading him to create the browser-based airline management game AirlineSim in his teen years and running it to this day.

When not programming away on our server infrastructure or coming up with an AI for simulated populations, Martin takes care of all the business aspects of the project.

Profile Michael Olp (molp)

Michael Olp (molp)

Programming, Game Design

Michael's career started out in the finance sector and had him develop software for various banks. Then he decided this wasn't fun enough and took the plunge into self-employment, creating the mobile puzzle game Blockadillo.

Anything in Prosperous Universe that's 3D and/or is moving around has probably been built by Michi.

Profile Fabian Fischer (Counterpoint)

Fabian Fischer (Counterpoint)

Game Design

During his studies of computer science, Fabian decided to take a deep dive into game design and hasn't stopped ever since. Besides spending his professional life within the depths of game mechanisms and systems, he also regularly writes articles and runs a small board game company.

As game systems designer for Prosperous Universe, Fabian is primarily concerned with the rules of gameplay and how they affect the player experience.

Profile Nick Norman (NickNack)

Nick Norman (NickNack)

Marketing & PR Manager

After several years living and working in the US, Spain, and Japan, Nick moved to Germany in 2017 to pursue an MBA degree. Later he found his passion for marketing and creative strategy while working in business development.

Nick was finally able to realize his dream of working for a video game developer when he began work at simulogics in March 2020. He can be found creating content for the website, social media platforms, and ads. He is also the contact for player concerns and press relations.

Profile Lena Hagen (lenana)

Lena Hagen (lenana)

Community Manager

Lena completed her studies in the field of audiovisual media and worked as a customer support agent before joining simulogics as a game community manager. Now, her daily work revolves around keeping in touch with the community and helping out with game support. In her free time, she enjoys playing MMORPGs and drawing.

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