Let your presence be known not only at home but beyond the horizon: new warehouses allow for items to be stored without a base. Hurry and rent one now while they are still available! Newly implemented shipping ads ensure that you can easily find a transporter who can deliver to and from your new warehouse even in the far reaches of space.

Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Presence update brings about. Happy trading!

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Screenshot of Presence Release

Expand Your Presence

Introducing warehouses that allow players to store items on planets without the need of a base. Warehouses function the same as regular storage units at your own base. How much? Maybe you can strike up a deal with the governor...

Screenshot of Presence Release

What Can Wings Do for You?

Hauling all that cargo between planets can be a real drag sometimes. Well, brush up on your advertising skills because transporting commodities has never been easier thanks to the new shipping ads function found at local markets.

Screenshot of Presence Release

Moon Shrooms

Sick of all those beans and algae? Never fear, player-designed mushrooms are here. Mushrooms function as a regular protein source that can be grown in a hydroculture. You can use them in your yummy ration recipes.

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