Prelude will give you a taste of what's to come: Territorial expansion, political intrigue, and a conflict between the safety of faction-space and the promise of hidden treasures among the stars. The ones fleeing political rule for a better life today may become the despots of tomorrow.

Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Prelude update brings about. Happy trading!

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Screenshot of Prelude Release

Production Fees

For a long time, the Factions sat back and watched their territories being settled. Now the laws are changing: Producing wares on faction-controlled planets will cost you a fee based on the order size. Outside of faction space however, there's nobody to charge you...

Screenshot of Prelude Release

Building degradation and depreciation

Once shiny and efficient, your older Production Lines are starting to look somewhat run-down and outdated now. As older buildings deteriorate down to a third of their original efficiency, new companies are given an edge on the markets.

Screenshot of Prelude Release

Planetary Project: Administration Center

This new building can now be constructed, but will remain vacant until the next APEX update. It will allow you to hold elections for a planetary governor, who can set taxes and fees. In order to vote, you have to be a planetary resident – but doing the Exodus Council some favors won't hurt either.

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