Welcome to Locality

Locality is undoubtedly the biggest update ever since Prosperous Universe launched. It brings about Local Markets, a whole new way to exchange goods akin to bulletin boards that will allow players to reach far beyond the established trading hubs of Katoa, Montem, and Promitor. The new company rating system will help you gauge who to trust out there...

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A new way to expand

Have you and your friends ever wanted to expand to the fringes of the universe without relying on the central Commodity Exchanges? Local Markets can be created on any planet by its inhabitants, allowing you to exchange goods anywhere in the galaxy. As a sort of bulletin board, they are a fast and efficient way to trade, but they also rely on mutual trust.

A new way to trade

Placing an ad on a Local Market costs a fee based on its duration. Ads can only be placed by the planet's inhabitants, but accepted by anyone. Unlike Commodity Exchange orders, they cannot be partially filled and, most importantly, responding will not trigger a transfer of goods, but create a contract between the two companies involved.