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Open all frequencies, blast the commercials and go knocking from door to door: It's election season! Every planet may now elect a Governor to rule over local legislation. And while core systems are subject to Faction-imposed constraints, those planets further out are entirely at the mercy of their ruler...

Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Expanse update brings about. Happy trading!

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Become the Governor

Have you ever dreamt of ruling over a planet? If so, you're in luck: You can now make a bid for the Governor's office or help your candidate get elected by running the most successful campaign. May the best prevail!

Make the Rules

Once in power, you control the fees for local ads and resource production: How high are they and where will they go? Are you loyal to your Corporation or your Faction? Set fair taxes and you might get re-elected – or don't and get rich in the process.