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After two years of First Access content and optimizations, Prosperous Universe is ready to take the next leap in development! A brand-new world is upon us where both new and seasoned players start on equal footing. The introduction of Company Headquarters adds a new layer to your base-building strategy while on the road to galactic riches. And rumors abound that a mysterious fourth faction has taken up residence among several planets.

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The Expanded Universe

Behold! The universe has been reborn giving rise to new opportunities that have yet to be seized. New and old players alike will join together and explore 4,000+ planets just waiting to be discovered by savvy APEX licensees.

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Company Headquarters

Be sure to carefully select your first base’s planet, as this will become your company’s headquarters. Production lines will receive special bonuses based on their location, for example a 5% bonus to manufacturing. Level up your company’s HQ to increase the number of bases you can build. Not satisfied with the location after all? Not a problem, you will be able to move it once every 30 days.

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Fourth Faction: Antares Initiative

After setting up colonization efforts on Mars, the Antares Initiative split off to pursue a cost-effective way to reach the new home-worlds. Their technology is very basic and makes use of whatever was available on Mars at the time. They were among the first to leave and did so with many small, autonomous ships. Due to their sub-standard propulsion systems they arrived very late in the colonies.