The Convergence is upon us. You have been given the opportunity to gradually upgrade your ships as you see fit, but make sure your ship is first parked in the shipyard. Custom Contracts will also allow those of you who like to deal in secret to flourish since you no longer need to post to the Local Market. And when those shady contracts start to go south, you now have the option to terminate a contract as long as the other party acquiesces to your request…

Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Convergence update brings about. Happy trading!

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Screenshot of Convergence Release

Ship Enhancements

Not enough room for all your cargo? Ship moving a little too slow? Now is your chance to upgrade your ship incrementally without having to fulfill the entire blueprint. Once the ship is parked and unloaded in a shipyard, it’s time for the magic to begin.

Screenshot of Convergence Release

Private Pacts

Some business deals are better kept in secret. With Custom Contracts you can give your pal some cash, request specific materials from a certain someone, or only deal directly with those of your choosing. Just make sure they pay you back… with interest

Screenshot of Convergence Release

Cutting Off the Contract

Perhaps the deal didn’t go as planned, or someone couldn’t exactly uphold their end of the bargain. Now you can send a contract termination request to end all aspects of the arrangement. Given that the other party agrees, the contract will become null and void.