Explore the universe as you’ve never seen it before! Thanks to an all-new map design, Prosperous Universe has never looked so stylish. But that’s not all. Governors now have more control over production fees. Will they use their powers to reinvigorate the workforce, or will they enslave the population for their own advantage? Additionally, governors will also be able to institute Government Programs for the benefit of the population at large. Now specific workers can be recruited, increased, leveled up, or even made happier— all for a fee of course…

Scroll down for an overview on the changes the Ignition update brings about. Happy trading!

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Screenshot of Atlas Release

Magnificent Maps

Prepare for warp drive, and let’s venture into the great beyond. You can now filter which resources you are hunting for on the fully 3D map by toggling the corresponding resource on and off. The filter also works for local markets, commodity exchanges, and shipyards. Interactive planets, stars, orbit trails, and a newly enhanced grid come together to give the APEX map a truly unique look and feel!

Screenshot of Atlas Release

Tax the Rich

Gone are the days where Governors only have the power to tax certain industries. They are now able to choose which group of workers (pioneers, settlers, etc.) will receive higher taxes. Maybe your Governor will choose to incentivize technology and help recruit valuable scientists, or maybe they will tax them all to fund their own hidden agenda…

Screenshot of Atlas Release

Governmental Guidance

Governors now have the ability to choose to instate certain programs to help the overall population. They may opt to bring in more workers of a particular expertise through immigration processes. Or they may want to maximize already existing workers through family support programs. They can even increase the satisfaction of a particular workforce by throwing lively parties and festivals!

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