Maintenance Release 2024.02 Live Now

Dear Licensees,

today we released the 2024.02 maintenance release. Besides a lot of smaller bug fixes and balancing changes it also brings two new features:

Burn rate

The workforces command WF shows the remaining days left for each consumable given the current consumption rate. This helpful tool has been in the community developed PMMG tool for ages and has finally made it into the game.

burn rate

Base Repair Assistant improvements

Did you ever buy all the necessary repair materials for a base, but once you arrive there the repair bill increased, and you cannot repair all the buildings? It has happened to all of us and it can be very frustrating. The updated BRA command now allows to select a time offset that will show the bill of materials in 24 or 48 hours.

building repair


  • Default buffer size for NOTS is increased
  • CoGC materials can now be contributed from a warehouse
  • Local Market ads now show the price per unit
  • BS, PROD, SFC and others now use the same order for addresses
  • Open contracts can now be terminated without a termination request from the contract partner
  • The CAT (category) sort order is now the default sort order for inventories
  • Commodity exchange charts now show the traded units per candle:

comex unit volume

  • The upper limit for base establishment fees on starting planets is now 10_000. See corresponding page in the handbook.

  • We can now rename corporations. Just let us know if you require a new name/code.

  • During the creation of shipping contracts it is possible to select and auto-provisioning store. The auto-provisioning status is shown in the contract details

  • auto provisioning

You can find the full release notes in the forums.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!