Ironing out the Wrinkles - Development Log #441

This week is all about fixing the bugs that have been introduced with the recent update and prepare a maintenance release.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Last week saw the release of the Realpolitik update and, naturally, I am busy fixing bugs :) Although it is not as bad as it sounds and certainly not as bad as I expected, given that we added quite a complex system with the new contexts.

One of the bugs that affects most players is the "white screen bug". After a while the game just turns white and shows a single loading indicator. As I am writing this devlog we are testing a possible mitigation. It seems the client sometimes runs into a timeout and the server disconnects the client, thinking it is not there anymore. We increased the timeout value for now hoping that will fix it.

Another bug I have yet to investigate is that the planets outside of faction influence usually had zero production fees. In at least once instance that is not the case anymore. It seems during the migration we applied the wrong default values. I will have a look this week.

In the release notes for Realpolitik we mentioned that we would do a separate maintenance and bug fixing release. I just finished its release notes, you can find it here. We don't have a release date yet, but we are aiming for next week or so. It depends a bit on how quickly we can fix the bugs Realpolitik introduced.

Also, the monthly economic report for June is out:

monthly economic report Click the image for the full report

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Happy trading!