Realpolitik Release Live Now

Dear Licensees,

the Realpolitik update is live!

Solo governors are a thing of the past with fully democratized parliaments taking the helm. Coupled with a brand-new governmental accounting system and the ability to switch between company and government contexts on the fly, this marks the beginning of a new era for Prosperous Universe politics!

Realpolitik artwork


Planets housing a certain number of bases are not just be ruled by a single governor anymore. Instead, a parliament of multiple players is elected. A parliament makes decisions by issuing motions and then voting on them amongst all its members. The results of these processes are made transparent to all inhabitants of a planet.

Government Accounting

Planetary governments now have their own monetary account. This means taxes and fees do not go “to waste” anymore while there is no government, but just accumulate in the government account. Accounts are also handed over between governments, even if the members of parliament change from one term to the next.

Context System

Players who are part of a government now have access to a new “government context” to pursue their government responsibilities. This context is separate from every player’s regular “company context” and comes with its own screens and command capabilities.

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Happy trading!