Constituent Release - Development Log #440

This week we can finally announce the upcoming politics update called Realpolitik.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Release Realpolitik

We finally have everything we need to release the long awaited politics update. We call it Realpolitik and as usual you can find the release notes in the forums. There is also a second topic that goes into the details how governments will work after this release is out. It has a lot of detailed information and we used it quite extensively to gather your feedback.

We'll now start the final preparations for the release on Wednesday.

In the past we also released patches, bug fixes and smaller features alongside a larger release. This time we decided against that and bundled all the fixes in a separate maintenance release that will follow Realpolitik a few weeks later.

I worked on a few different issues regarding this maintenance release this week:

It is now possible to terminate open contracts without the partner to send back a termination request. This feature has been requested few times now and will help to revoke a contract offer that has been sent in error. No more messaging the recipient and hoping they accept conditions without checking the contract's details.

I also tweaked the commodity exchange graphs a bit. They will now show 30d worth of data with 12h candles when opening them. The default so far was intra-day which usually has not much data for most of the commodities. We now also show unit volume when hovering over a candle in addition to the existing open/close/min/max values.

Finally, I changed the default sort order for inventories to 'category'. While I have nothing against the good old alphabetic sort order, I feel that sorting by category offers a better overview of the inventory. Obviously it is still possible to change the sort order to the personal preference.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!