Term Started - Development Log #426

Michi is working on the first command of the politics update.

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Michi (molp)

Finally, I can show some screenshots again :) After working on the technical foundation it was time to implement one of the new commands that come with the politics update. The GOV command will show information about the current and past governments of a given planet. It will be available to all players. Here is a work in progress screenshot:

new GOV command

The first section is the term selection. Similarly to the population reports it is possible to go back in time and look at the past terms. The default will be the current term.

The second section has information about the government during that term. As stated in past devlogs, there won't be just a single governor, but a parliament. The size of the parliament depends on the amount of bases a planet has. A smaller planet will only have a parliament size of one, planets with more than 25 bases will have a parliament of three and for very large planets the parliament will have five members. We deliberately start with small parliament sizes and depending on how well the feature works might increase this in the future. The section also lists the governor (player with the most votes) and the member of parliaments.

In the 'Votes' section we'll show a list of all votes for this term. In a release after politics (hopefully not too far in the future), we intend to strengthen the role of the factions, so it might be a good idea to get an overview of who belongs to what faction.

Finally, the motions section will have a list of all motions that are relevant for the selected term. Motions are a new feature, so there is no content yet. We'll dive into these in the next weeks.

Here is a screenshot of the existing ADM command. For now, we'll keep the voting part in this command.

existing ADM command

Since the new GOV command basically has all the information (and more) of what has previously been shown in the ADMT command, we'll retire the ADMT command with the politics release.

ADMT command

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!