Tracking Device - Development Log #419

The German release sees the light of day and the team talks a bit about marketing

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

I am back! That cold really got me, but now I feel better and the work continues :)

We released the transmission update on Friday. Since it is "just" the German translation the release notes topic is not very long, but there is one! I wish we have had a few more days for testing and finding bugs, but Friday was the last possible release day. On Saturday I joined the twitch stream of Writing Bull to present Prosperous Universe to his community. Since the stream was in German, not having a German release would have been disappointing. The stream was good, the community over there seemed to like the game and quite a few even signed up. Willkommen!

As usual, there are a few minor bugs that have been introduced with the release. We'll fix them within the next days. Thanks to everyone who reported one, it helps a lot!

Our artist Mac created a great artwork for the release. It features two smaller craft docked to a larger ship or station. If you look closely you'll be able to see a German flag :) release artwork transmission

Avatar Martin


Currently, our marketing efforts are predominantly focussed on influencer marketing, as this seems to work the best for us (not perfect, but that's as story for another day). One downside of influencer marketing, compared to classic performance marketing, is that it is somewhat hard to track how well a given campaign performs. We can really only track the sign-ups of users that click the link a given influencer adds to their video description (for example).

As you probably know, most advertisers try to address this issue by using special short links that include the influencer's name and that, when used to sign-up, grant a special bonus (like free trials, discounts etc.). For our upcoming campaigns in general and for our marketing push in the German market in particular, we wanted to have such a feature as well.

So that's what I implemented last week. We can now generate such "coupons" and use them for shortlinks that influencers can mention during their plugs. We then store the respective code with any new account during sign-up and whenever such accounts check out for the first time, the code gets added to their check-out form automatically. We discussed other, more elaborate solutions, but this one seemed to provide the best value for the required effort (for now).

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!