Local Pandemics - Development Log #418

Viruses are spreading through various of the simulogics offices: Michi is out this week and Martin got hit last week. Nevertheless, work didn't grind to a standstill. An advantage of a distributed team?

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

I'm on a bit of a "filter all the things" mission right now. Last time I talked about filters coming to CONTS for PRO users. Now I tackled CXOS which proved a bit more complex since there are lots of different aspects a user may want to filter for: order type (buy, sell), order status (filled, partially filled etc.), the CX where the order was posted, and of course orders for specific materials. All of those aspects will be supported, so you can create your own custom CX order dashboards.

Avatar Martin


The release of the internationalized version of the game is looming, with the German localization being the first one to go live. As such, we're making final preparations to tie all the different strings together: The game itself, the website as well as account management are all localized. When you visit the game via a browser, you should get the correct version already, based on your language preferences.

Where this doesn't work yet is Steam. So last week I sat down to get our thin Steam wrapper to pass the game language a user has selected within Steam to our web application. To my surprise, this worked flawlessly. What didn't was the deployment to Steam. Since I discovered this late on Friday (classic), I'll have to figure this out sometime this week.

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Happy trading!