New Connections - Development Log #413

A new monthly economic report has been published, we released a small maintenance update, and we talk about payer conversion.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

As usual in the first devlog of the month, I present you the monthly economic report for November:

monthly economic report Click the image for the full report

This week we released a very small maintenance release containing two new features!


A while ago we discussed ideas how to change the maps to make them more interesting. One outcome of this was, that you wanted the map to be more interconnected, especially in the outer regions. With this update we introduce more connections! Please note that this is only the first step, and we are looking into other map changes as well.

building repair assistant

The list of buildings to repair in the building repair assistant now shows the condition of each individual building. That allows to get an overview easily.

license conversion

In a past devlog I talked about that we basically have two different ways to increase the revenue the game. One is to try to get more players into the game. We do this with marketing, especially influencer marketing. A certain percentage of these new players will convert to paying players, thus adding to the revenue. The other way is to keep players longer in the game and convert more free-2-play players into paying players.

We are currently A/B testing a new feature that will show the overlay above to players that haven't bought a PRO license yet. The plan is to gather data for a few weeks and then analyze if the overlay works and increases the payer conversion rate. Of all the possible ways of doing so, we think this is one of the least annoying ways.

Last but not least: Holiday season is coming up and PiBoy314 is organizing the PrUn Secret Santa event again! You can register over here!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!