Weekly Journal - Development Log #411

Michi continues to work on the website translation and announces a planned and hopefully short downtime.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

We have been writing these short weekly devlogs pretty much since the beginning of the Prosperous Universe. At first our goal was to have a kind of dev journal, just for internal purposes, but we quickly noticed that players might be interested in it as well. So we decided to make proper blog posts out of the weekly devlogs.

We always wrote them in english, and we'll continue to do so, even though we are translating the website into german. The biggest reason for that is time. Translating the devlogs into german (and potentially other languages) is just too time-consuming.

What we do want to translate though, are larger announcements, like releases and other important news. This is important from a SEO perspective, but also to keep the german speaking players in the loop.

So, this week, my task was to look into the options we have. The framework we are using for the website fortunately supports this use case. We can create blog posts as usual, and if we want to translate it, just create another file for it and the framework will serve the reader the most appropriate version, given language and browser settings.

The downside is, that the way we build and host our website has to change. Up until now, whenever we added a new blogpost (or any content really) a bunch of static html, css and js files have been created and could be served from pretty much any web server there is. Since the internationalized blog posts are more dynamic that old hosting scheme doesn't work anymore.

This means that we'll have to move the website and look into other hosting options. Hardly earth-shattering, but annoying, since I wasn't aware of that until recently.

I already announced a planned downtime in the forums, but I want to mention it here as well:

On Tuesday, November 21st, starting at 09:00 UTC, we'll move a few internal accounting and payment services to a new location. During that time everything related to accounts will not be available: login, sign-up, payment etc.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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