Willkommen in APEX - Development Log #403

The German translation is in full swing, and we are analyzing your feedback on potential changes to the map.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

The German translation is in progress, and we can see the first results in our development environment:

PLI command in german and english

My current translation strategy is to translate component by component and check once in a while if everything still works. In general, the German translations tend to be longer than the original english strings. Sometimes this leads to strings breaking the UI. For example in the image above "governing entity" could be translated to "Regierende Organisation", which is a few characters longer than what the form UI can handle.

Another challenge with the translation is to be consistent with the terminology. There are many ways to translate 'plot', 'site', 'permit', 'upkeep', 'contribution' etc. Since Fabian is also working on the translation we have an ongoing discussion about it and started to create a glossary for the most important terms.

Prosperous Universe has 3,737 strings with 18,766 words. Right now we have translated roughly 22% of that. So, as it stands right now, next week's devlog will be about translating the game again. 😉

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

Besides contributing to the translation Michi talked about above, I also went over the feedback we received in the forums and our Discord regarding potential changes to the universe map. This included approaches on how to incentivize players to play in more dynamic ways, e.g. by settling on planets that are not, or only barely, colonized yet or further away from the core hubs in general. There were lots of great ideas on the topic, some of which were also on our list for the future. We've analyzed and started discussing all the feedback to figure out which of the measures could potentially come into play in the nearer future already and how to implement them. So expect more news about this at some point soon!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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