Liquidity Release Live Now


Dear Licensees,

the Liquidity update is live!

Big plans for expanding your company, but short on cash? Looking to put your startup on the fast track? A new set of contract templates enables custom loan offers. On top of that, investors are now able to identify the most promising business endeavors via a new system of universe-wide leaderboard statistics. Crunch the numbers to find the most efficient producer, the biggest active workforce or the company with the most impressive APEX Representation Center. The latest improvements to the company rating system will ensure your findings are backed up by official APEX assessments.

Find the full changelog here!

New Features

Loan Contract Templates

A new set of contract templates allows you to offer, or be offered, loans of different types. Whether you are looking to set up an annuity loan with stable regular payments or a pure interest loan with one big repayment at the end, simply fill in the required parameters and generate a ready-to-go loan contract that suits your business needs.


Get ready for a new age of transparency and dive into all kinds of universe-wide statistics regarding for example company sizes, production amounts, ship usage or faction reputation! Find out how well your own company is doing compared to your peers or try to identify potential long-term business partners.

Rating Rework

The official APEX company ratings have been simplified but made much more useful at the same time! Instead of 3 fuzzy sub-scores, companies are now assigned a single rating based on their reliability as a contract partner. High-value contracts have a bigger impact on the rating so that it provides a sound overall assessment of the company at all times.

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Happy trading!

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