Lucrative Leaders - Development Log #379

Learn how leaderboards are being introduced into Prosperous Universe!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

I mentioned last week, that I started implementing a new feature, and I can finally show some pictures! It is part of a larger endeavor towards leaderboards.

Leaderboards have been requested many times in the past, as competitive players want to know how they are doing in comparison to other players. So far, the game doesn't support that directly. There are some community tools that do it indirectly by showing stats like the amount of bases for example.

Instead of getting started with leaderboards with an existing metric, we decided to use a new feature we call APEX Representation Center. Here is the description:

The APEX Representation Center allows companies and corporations to donate some of their profits to the APEX foundation. The foundation uses the money to supply new and upcoming CEOs with the necessary capital and ships to start their entrepreneurial journey. Having a high representation level is widely recognized as a testimony of wealth and success.

There will be a new command called ARC, where companies can contribute towards the APEX Representation Center. The current level will be visible in the company info command CO.

ARC command

Corporations can build an APEX Representation Center as a corporation project.

ARC corporation project

Recently a player brought up the topic of economic reports in the forums. While we agree, that these could be very interesting, we don't have development capacity at the moment to implement such reports as an in-game feature. Instead, we could utilize the internal tools we have to generate a report. It could look like this for example.

monthly economic report example Click on the image to enlarge

Please let us know in the forums if that is something you'd be interested in!

Avatar Nick


Last week I reported that we were launching on LootBoy, an app that gives players discounts and boots game discoverability. We did indeed go live on Wednesday, and we already have a good many sign-ups! Fingers crossed that this continues to bring in new players to experience the game.

I also have contracted a few more influencers for the coming months, so please look forward to those videos, which I will share when they are made available. The new trailer for PrUn is still being worked on, and I will be busy fleshing out the script and coordinating with the art director and other members of the team in order to have something really special to show off when the project is completed.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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