Destroy the Entity - Development Log #378

Michi tackles a pesky backlog issue, and Nick had a busy week of marketing projects.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

After last week's performance issues with creating snapshots of the game's entities, I noticed that we had an open ticket in the backlog for a similar issue. At the moment, each entity creates a snapshot of itself every 25000 events. An event can be anything that changes the entities state, for example starting a flight, cancelling a commodity exchange order, sending a message etc. Loading an entity back from a snapshot after a server restart is magnitudes faster than from its original stream of events. These snapshots can take up considerable amounts of space though. This is where my backlog ticket comes into play: so far we just created snapshots, but never deleted them, effectively generating a huge pile of useless snapshots that clog our database's memory. Since we only make use of the latest snapshots, it is safe to delete the old ones. I implemented a solution for that last week, but have yet to deploy it to production. Tests on our test server look good so far.

I also started to work on a new feature, but I have not much to show yet, so I'll write about that next week.

Avatar Nick


Last week was a busy week for marketing in Prosperous Universe. We will be launching some promos on an app called LootBoy, where interested gamers will get exposed to the game and it won't cost us anything. The more game partnerships the app has, the more popular it becomes and thus more downloads. It's a relatively new app, so we will be monitoring and testing to see how the partnership goes. We have tried to get on other marketing platforms before, but this one seems to be the most capable one so far.

As you might have seen on Discord or on the forums, Prosperous Universe had a community-led lottery this past week and I announced the winners here. I might not look that excited (I'm not used to being on camera), but I had a lot of fun preparing the drawing and participating in the event.

Last but not least, OT-889b has received a new name, Jeetiyu! Thank you to everyone that participated! We will do it again, so don't worry if your planet didn't get picked.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!