Interactive Expeditions - Development Log #371

Michi explains how new interactive tours will help motivate new players and a new PrUn trailer is in the works!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

This week I started to work on the improved new player experience, that we hinted at in our first devlog this year. We want to introduce different concepts of the game through interactive tours and accompanying faction contracts that we call "introductory faction contracts" (as opposed to the mission faction contracts that are already in the game). We think that using these interactive tours will make it easier to learn and get into the game than the existing hint system we have in place. Once the introductory faction contracts and tours are implemented, we are going to remove the hint system.

The first step this week was a rather technical one. So far, the game only has a single interactive tour, the UI tour right in the beginning. I changed the server to provide a list of tours and updated the necessary counterparts on the client as well. I quickly noticed that it will be very important to trigger the contracts and tours at the right moments, or it will get very confusing for the player. Finally, to be able to show something in this devlog, I implemented the first introductory faction contract, base construction:

base construction contract

Next week, I'll look at implementing the next interactive tour!

Avatar Nick


Last week involved a lot of planning for the new Prosperous Universe trailer that I am working on along with other members of the team and community. Right now we are still in the planning phase, but things are moving along smoothly and hopefully I will have something to share before too long. The trailer will focus more on actual gameplay and will be less stylized than previous trailers have been so we can give players a more authentic look at how the game plays.

You can also expect a new sponsored video this week that will hopefully encourage some new players to join our awesome community! I will post the link in the next devlog after I come back from vacation in the US.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!