Broken Brokers - Development Log #358

Michi fixes a broken broker and Nick talks discounts and planet names!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

This week started with a typical Monday morning: me coming into the office with plans on how to proceed with the development, only to see that something is broken and needs my immediate attention. I am exaggerating of course, usually things break on Friday afternoon :)

Anyway, the NEO charter exploration commodity exchange broker for rations broke and didn't respond anymore. Since that broker has a very high volume and servers a basic commodity, I looked into it right away and luckily the logs were helpful and pointed in the right direction. In previous devlogs, we went into detail about how our data backend works, and in a nutshell, for all entities in the game (think broker, companies, players, ...) we are storing the complete event history (think order created, order matched, ..). In order to speed up the loading process of these events, we also store a snapshot in regular intervals that are way faster to load than the entities entire history. In this broker's case, the snapshot simply got larger than a certain threshold we configured during setup. With Martin's help, I was able to identify redundant information in the snapshot generation process, and after removing that, the entity was able to generate proper snapshots again.

After fixing that issue, I continued working on the faction contracts.

faction shipping contract

Above you can see a new type of faction contract that is about shipping something from your HQ to another planet in exchange for a payment. In this specific case, the payment is twofold: condition #4 holds the payment in cash, and additionally in #5, there is a payment in form of a commodity. If a contract offers payment in the form of commodities, they will always need to be picked up at your HQ.

Avatar Nick


Last week I continued to work on a number of different tasks including the new Prosperous Universe tutorial videos, gathering new influencers, and sending out newsletters. Speaking of newsletters, you all should have recieved an email with a code for Halloween, which will grant you 10% off of a PRO License purchase (and only a PRO License purchase). You can use the code PROWEEN until November 2nd. I will also send an email reminder out next week.

I have also started another round of Name THAT Planet, where you can vote for your favorite planet to recieve an official name. I posted the planets that we discussed last time but haven't checked to see if they are all still unnamed. I will make sure that they are all eligible before posting the actual poll. Right now we are taking suggestions, so make sure to comment your favorite unnamed planet!

There is now a "Support Us" button on the PRO License page of the website. So hopefully now everyone can find the support tier packs relatively easy. Please let me know if anyone has any more trouble finding the Support Packs or the PRO License information on the website.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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