Asteroid Day 2022

You might have missed it, but the lore history of Prosperous Universe begins with an asteroid colliding with Earth, prompting humanity to go out and search for a new home. As a result, it has become our duty to chime in on June 30th when the world celebrates Asteroid Day. As the official website states, Asteroid Day is "the United Nations sanctioned day of public awareness of the risks of asteroid impacts."

Despite the very real danger that asteroids pose to our planet, in the world of Prosperous Universe, we tend to see focus on the potential economic benefits! As a result, our asteroid day artwork this year, courtesy of the amazing Mac Rebisz, depicts a ship docked to an asteroid so that colonizers can mine effectively for minerals and materials:

Asteroid Day 2021

Let us know what you think on Discord or the forums and Happy Asteroid Day!

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