Visible Contracts - Development Log #341

Michi shows of some progress shots for custom contracts, and don't forget to suggest a name for KI-446b in the forums!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Last week I continued to work on custom contracts and can finally show some work in these progress shots! The first video below shows the new contract drafts command CONTD. It works similarly as the list of blueprints, as it has a list of items that can be viewed, copied and deleted.

Clicking a contract draft will open the details view, also the CONTD command, but with the draft's ID as parameter.

The command has three main parts.

In the top most part we can see the name and ID of the contract draft and also have a form to edit the name and preamble of the contract draft. The name is private, just a way to make it easier to remember which contract was for what. The preamble part is visible to both you and your future contract partner(s). It is limited to 250 characters for now, let's see if that is enough or not.

In the middle part, the conditions of the contract draft can be defined. Right now we only support a selection from three templates (buy, sell, ship), that are very similar to the contract types that result from local market ads. As a proof of concept I have implemented the buy template, which is also shown below.

Editing the contract conditions is done via a special overlay for each type of condition. We'll allow for editing the dependencies and deadlines at a later point.

The final section allows selecting a contract partner and sending the draft to them. Doing so will result in a new contract that is added to both parties in the open status. The next steps will be to add a notification for the receiver, so they can take action and either accept/close or decline the contract offer.

Avatar Nick


Thanks to all of you that participated in the Name THAT Planet event going on in the forums. So it's been decided that KI-446b will be receiving a name this time. Please suggest a name and later on this week we will have a final poll that will decide the name for the planet. Make sure you get your vote in on time!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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