A Spaceside Chat - Development Log #339

With half the team out on vacation, it's up to Nick to hold down the fort.

Avatar Nick


It's just me this week! Everyone one is either on vacation or working on other projects, but we should have some more dev news next week (at least I hope so). Today I wanted to mention that I started a new Name THAT Planet round, so if you have been itching to get your favorite planet named, here is your opportunity. We will do like always and first vote for which planet and then do a seperate vote for the actual name. Make sure to leave a comment, so I see which planets are being favored!

I also wanted to talk about one of my new marketing projects: a fireside chat with the devs. As a way to get more eyes on us, we are hoping to collaborate with some bigger channels that would invite us on to have a discussion about any topics that relate to the game. It could be about economics, space travel, game development, etc. I have been emailing around, but not getting many hits. If you have any ideas on who would be a good source, then please let me know. We were initially thinking something like the Asteroid Day channel or some kind of aerospace organization. It could be a podcast, YouTube channel, or other outlet. The best place to reach me is on Discord, or you could shoot me an email. Thanks!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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