Calling All Historians - Development Log #313

We are asking you to help us commemorate all the happenings in the PrUn multiverse!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Instead of talking about my day-to-day development work, I want to take the opportunity to talk about a community topic today!

A while ago we launched the "lore" section of the Handbook. The basic idea behind it is to capture some of the events that happen in the universe(s) in a wiki kind of way. As you might know, until we feel that the game is ready for its major 1.0 release, there will be restarts of the universes. Since each universe has its own stories, drama and events, created by YOU, the players, it makes sense to preserve them, before all of its evidence is wiped away with the next reset (*). There is so much going on, that no single dev or player will ever be able to remember all the things that happened.

As far as we know, there is no player-built wiki or website that has a comprehensive list of events and actors of the recent universes. If there is one, please let us know!

That is why we accepted a merge request for the handbook that introduced the lore section! Right now it is pretty empty and only lists a few major planets, corporations and events. We want to change that, but we need your help since we cannot do it on our own. For one, as devs, we try to stay out of in-game events as much as possible and most of the time, if the events are not too big, we don't even know what happened.

So here is my offer! If you want to contribute by writing about an event, planet, corporation or something else, or you want to share the flag you created for your corporation (and I know these exist!), please get in touch. There are two ways to contribute! Either edit the source code of the handbook on github or, if you are not familiar with github, send me the text/images via Discord and I will take care of it. Looking forward to your contributions!

(*) I mentioned to word "reset" so here is the usual disclaimer: No we are not planning a reset at the moment :D ;)

Avatar Nick


Aside from the mysterious project we are all working on, I was able to redo the Spreadshop merchandise account, because we are located in Germany, we needed to change the location to Europe. I think my browser just assumed I was in North America when I did it the first time. I will be working on getting the link placed on the website and other outlets where people would be likely to look for PrUn swag.

I was also working on a project for AirlineSim and finishing up my video editing training. Not too much to report this week on the PrUn side, but just know that more influencers are coming from both YouTube and Twitch!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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