All Aboard - Development Log #312

Today we are introducing the newest member of the simulogics team, Lena. Welcome aboard!

Avatar Martin


I didn't actually work all that much on things related to Prosperous Universe, and if I did, I obviously wouldn't be alllowed to talk about them :-D. But I did have the pleasure of welcoming Lena to the team! Her primary task will be to take care of all matters of community management and support around AirlineSim, but these days we don't hire for single projects anymore, so you will find her getting involved with the Prosperous Universe community eventually as well. Please give her a warm welcome!

The week was packed to the brim with on-boarding activities (including an in-person meeting...of the whole an actual restaurant...crazy...I know) and those will continue for at least the coming week.

Avatar Lena


Hi everyone, Lena here – I’m starting out as the new Community Manager at simulogics this month! I love playing online games so I’m looking forward to joining the Prosperous Universe community and getting in touch with you!

You will most likely see me as lenana in the chats, so if you want to come say hi or give us some feedback about the game, feel free visit us on Facebook, Twitter or on our Discord server. Talk to you soon!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

This week started with a short two-day visit to simulogics HQ. The occasion was the welcoming and onboarding of Lena! We also went out for dinner, a seemingly normal thing to do, but in times of the pandemic it still feels like something special.

When I was home again, I continued to work on our little secret project, but I also got some work done on a topic that I can talk about. With so many irons in the fire, I didn't make much progress, but it was not nothing. To be perfectly honest, I am really looking forward to the day we release the new maps, as they bind a lot of my mental capacities right now.

I added local markets as a highlight option to the universe map. It sounds like a trivial thing, but the way our data is structured makes getting the data a bit harder than it should be. Local markets are part of a planet's infrastructure or are on stations, but the systems themselves don't know anything about them. Next up are commodity exchanges and shipyards.

Universe map

Avatar Nick


I'll also echo the others in saying that I had a good time in Darmstadt last week with the team and welcoming Lena to simulogics. I am glad we were able to do so many in-person meetings this year when compared to last year. I hope we can get through this winter ok and plan some more events next year!

Other than that, I worked on gathering more influencers, which should be coming together rather quickly. I am also pouring a lot of time into learning how to edit videos, so hopefully I will be able to put my skills to the test with something PrUn releated in the near future.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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