PrUn Pocket Edition - Development Log #309

The mobile version is finally out and about! Fabian discusses "ghost" plots, and we are moving ahead with First Access goodies.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Last week was all about getting the mobile UI ready for release! Technically speaking, the mobile UI and the desktop version are using the same code base for the client part of the game. That way we can re-use the existing components without creating a special mobile version for every command in the game. As a consequence of that and the fact that the mobile and desktop versions use different styles, (again, technically speaking, CSS) we have to keep these styles separated so they don't leak into the other version. An example of that would be if you saw the mobile version's color shining through at some point in the desktop version.

Traditionally to achieve this, one could use so-called media queries to query the screen size (for example) of the device and then choose an appropriate style for the component. That works to some extent, but the media queries don't really allow distinguishing between a small desktop browser window and a mobile phone. So we had to come up with a method to separate the mobile and desktop styles entirely and not only rely upon media queries. We found a method, but it meant going through heaps of source code files and adjusting them accordingly. So, if you encounter some odd looking element in either version please let us know, it is most likely a component we forgot to adjust.

We released the mobile UI this morning, please go ahead and check it out and feel free to add any feedback, errors or issues you encounter to the release notes on the forums!

To fire up the mobile version, just point your mobile browser to the usual APEX address!

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

After wrapping up the faction contracts concept for now, I got into a topic that we've had on our plate for a while, at the very least ever since the now-fabled PC Gamer article brought in large numbers of players at once: We need a catch-all mechanism that accounts for situations where all or most starting planets (or at least those well-suited for completely new players) fill up very quickly.

The solution we landed on for situations like this is the introduction of "ghost plots" for a subset of the starting planets. Essentially players building their very first base (and only those players) will still be able to found bases on these planets even when they're full. Their bases are assigned to a virtual plot that's, at first, not represented on the planet surface. Whenever standard plots become available again, they will be converted back to normal plots.

Of course, the longer the universe stays in a situation like this, the more it makes sense to actually expand it with new sectors, CXs, starting planets etc. However, this mechanism will make sure we don't have to outright reject new players in case of another big wave.

Avatar Nick


For those of you that interested in the influencer campagins, we had a few videos come out between now and last week. You can check out Potato McWhiskey and Boomstick Gaming, which I was pretty happy with the effort they put into the ads. Big thanks to those players that recommended them, I'm pretty sure at least one of them was mentioned in my survey.

We also have a Prosperous Universe Swag Store! It's pretty bare bones right now, but we want to add more designs and fill in the rest of the missing information. If you have any kind of merch that you would like to see or some design ideas then please let me know!

Avatar Martin


Earlier last month, Nick and I sat together to get an overview of where we stand in terms of First/Early Access perk fulfilment. We have been offering our support tiers for so long now and we feel strongly that it is about time to make good on our promises. While it's hard for us to rush the things that depend on external input, like artworks and the secret soundtrack, I decided to at least get the low-hanging fruit on our end out of the way. So as of last week, we finally have a public list of all our First and Early Access supporters and you can find it here. I also added a new form to account management that allows you to add your mailing address and shirt size to your account. We need this information to actually start fulfilling the physical perks, and we hope to be able to start doing this later in the year or early next year at the latest.

We will keep you posted on future developments in this area!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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