Toggles with a Twist - Development Log #305

Michi has some updates on the new map design, Fabian is back from vacation, and Nick wants you to vote!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Besides working on the mobile version of Prosperous Universe, I found some time to work on the maps again. This week I made some progress with the system maps. Below you'll find a work in progress video:

I added new controls to the command that allows toggling highlights on and off in the map. These include examples like all locations that have some kind of storage, where your fleet is located, and infrastructure like local markets, commodity exchanges or shipyards. It is possible to select up to five highlights at a time. They will be shown as little icons above the planets or stations and clicking them will open a buffer with the respective command. Of course the selection is saved if the command is part of a screen.

new fleet command

While implementing this, I noticed that we have several commands to show the fleet. There is FLT which shows a list of all ships, independent of their location. Then there are the more specialized commands FLTP and FLTS that show the fleet at any given planet or system. There is no command for showing the fleet at a station. So, I adjusted the FLT to show the fleet at any location specified in the command parameters. Of course FLT without a parameter will still show the entire fleet. We will not remove the FLTP and FLTS commands immediately, but it can't hurt to migrate away from them once the updated FLT command is available.

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

I'm back from vacation and will dive back into the details of the NPC contract system this month! First things first however, I cross-referenced player feedback on the "economic stimulation" market makers we added in the most recent maintenance patch with the data we collected so far, and we'll tweak a few of them. These aren't sweeping changes, but as announced before, we will iterate on them continuously whenever necessary. You can find all the numbers in the forums.

Avatar Nick


Last week I spent a fair amount contacting and contracting new influencers for some new YouTube sponsorships. I found some good ones, and I'm pretty excited to share those with you when everything is finalized. I also helped out Martin with interviews for our Game Community Manager position for Airline Sim, which went rather smoothly.

Also note that the Name THAT Planet 4 community activity is in its final stage, we are voting on a name for OT-442b. Cast your votes now and may the best name win!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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