Babes and Bases - Development Log #299

Martin welcomes home a new family memeber, Fabian goes to work on expanding bases, and Nick gives a final reminder about Devlog 300!

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

A while ago I talked about the possibility of expanding a base's area by investing in base permits. As of last week, it has become part of our upcoming maintenance patch (which is actually shaping up to hold quite a few neat gameplay additions and features). Here's a little teaser:

Other than that, I looked into a few more or less obscure bugs. I managed to fix the one that would sometimes lead to your HQ not loading properly and developed some theories for a few others that I'll discuss with Michi when he's back next week. I also tweaked the "quest" concept to work a little more like (an expanded version of) our existing contracts system and started looking into the other part of the "base building updates" we have planned: demolishing whole bases.

Also, congrats Martin! ;)

Avatar Nick


We are now one week away from Devlog 300! I know I am starting to sound like a broken record, but if you haven't submitted your entry for the special post next week, please go ahead and do so before Friday. In case you are just now hearing the news, for Devlog 300 we are doing something special. Players are being asked to develop their own feature that they would like to see implemented in the game and describe said feature in 500 words or less. Please don't use a lot of technical words, the entry should be able to be understood by any that read it (including new players).

In other news, there is also a new video out that you guys may be interested in seeing from Event Horizon. We were really happy to be featured alongside Dr. Robert Zubrin, which some of the team are already big fans of. Big congrats to Martin as well from me!

Avatar Martin


Usually, when Michi is on vacation, I fill in as his backup for some of the more technical day-to-day support requests that Nick or Fabian can't help you with. Obviously, I would not schedule my own vacation time to overlap with his for that very reason. And yet, some of you might have noticed my unavailability over the past week or so. The reason for this, albeit completely unrelated to the project, is still worth a section on the devlog, imo: My second child was born last week!

That's my update for this week. I'm a proud dad, so I have to tell everyone. Regular contributions to the devlog will continue once I have figured out a working process that involves a newborn on top of everything that's already been going on before :-)

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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