All Systems Go - Development Log #296

Michi works on the system map, Fabian tackles even more coding projects, and Nick has plans for the 300th Devlog!

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Besides helping Fabian with getting to know our code base better, I continued working on the maps. This week I started with the system map. Using the experience I gained from the planetary surface map and the universe map, it didn't take long until I had a basic working prototype. I then added planets, orbit trails, the sun and the grid which helps to visualize the distances between the planets. Of course we use the same new camera system as for the universe map, so panning feels way better than in the current version. Here is a work in progress video:

Unfortunately, I initially got stuck adding custom fonts for the planet and grid labels, which cost a few hours of dev time, but in the end I got it working. Up next are ships, traffic, flight trajectories and click handlers for everything!

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

As announced previously I, with Michi's support of course, worked my way into a couple more involved features for the next maintenance release last week. One of them is the often requested ability to filter local market boards for buying, selling or shipping ads. Check it out:

LM Filtering

The other one is a new PRO feature which will allow you to re-order your production queues:

Queue Sorting

While implementing those features I learned a lot about the code's structure, the specifics of React and the ways our server and client communicate.

Avatar Nick


After a crazy week of constantly emailing influencers back and forth to get invoices, details worked out, and contracts signed, I can say that we did a pretty good job of spending our July budget on some quality and hopefully profitable content. I really excited to see how these all turn out and they will trickle in one by one during the month of August. We already have another integrated ad with ImKibitz who continually brings in a big number of players for us.

Apart from that, I also worked on Reddit ads and tried unsuccessfully to sponsor a relevant podcast. I know I keep asking our players out there, but please pass along any podcasts that you listen to so I can contact them. It is much harder to gauge the success of a podcast than it is an influencer on YouTube, so every little bit from you does help me!

I also want to do something special for the 300th devlog entry that is coming up at the end of August. My plan is to have players write their own "Devlog Entry" in the style that the team normally writes and detail how a new feature they would like in the game would work and describe how they would implement it. It doesn't have to be technical in regards to coding, just explain the feature in the context of the game and what the benefits would be. Let's try to keep the entries under 500 words. We will select the best ones and feature them in Devlog #300!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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