Depot Demolition - Development Log #290

Fabian discusses new base management options including a complete demolition of your base, and Michi shares how we will all be coming together under a new Discord server for certain topics.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

Let's start with a community topic today! A group of players noted that there is an overabundance of PrUn-related Discord servers and thought about how to unify them. There are servers for factions, for most of the major planets, for trading, shipping and so on. The new server should unify them all and utilize a clever bot system so that every user can choose which regions or planets they want to see/join.

We think that this is a great idea and will bring the community closer together! Here is the invitation link.

As of now, this unifies the following servers (and potentially more in the future):

  • Proxion Municipal
  • PrUn Recruitment Board
  • PrUn Logistics
  • Umbra Planetary Communications
  • Katoa Association

Development-wise, I worked on a few rather technical changes to the way we build the client and prepared the upcoming release 2021.3.

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

The "small topic weeks" continued with two more features, which will enhance your base management options in the future. The first has been requested for a while: the ability to completely demolish a base. Of course this will free the base permit, so you can use it again for another base or leave it open to get the associated efficiency boost (discussed in last week's devlog). To make removing bases from the game as clean a process as possible, we'll require you to demolish all buildings except the core module and empty the storage beforehand. Also, the demolished base can't be your HQ.

The other feature has been brought up by several players recently (most concretely by Raigir on the Discord channel) and plays nicely together with the upcoming "unused permit" bonus and the demolishing of bases. You'll be able to "invest" permits into your existing bases to increase their area by up to 100% if you're willing to put in 2 extra permits. Of course, this in turn reduces said HQ bonuses for not using your permits, and it also prevents you from using the permits for full additional bases. However, it'll be another option in your repertoire if you want to "build tall" or if you're looking to keep your multi-base management overhead minimal.

Avatar Nick


Not too much to report this week since I was on vacation last week and got some much needed beach time in! I was able to coordinate a new influencer video shortly before leaving and now the video is live here. I believe Baron von Games is our biggest YouTuber (in terms of followers) to date, so I'm excited to see the results of this campaign. There will be many more to come so thanks again for all the helpful suggestions on Discord and in private messages!

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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