Overlaying the System - Development Log #288

Michi details more on the new universe map and Transmission 0 is finally underway.

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

I was working on the new universe map prototype again this week. You might recall from last week's devlog that the filter view of the new map is supposed to work like a heightmap: different filters (resource concentrations, traffic, population) add up and form a heightmap to indicate the most interesting parts. While this gives a good overview of the universe level, it doesn't help much when it comes to individual systems. So, we thought of a way to showcase the details of every system without the need to open a new buffer or by clicking at all.

We came up with the system overlay, a tool tip like UI element that will be shown when hovering over a star system. Depending on the selected filters, it will be populated with detailed information. We hope that the combination of filters and the system overlay will make it much easier to scout the universe for interesting locations.

Here is a short work in progress video:

Just a quick heads up: We plan to do a small maintenance release in June to fix a few bugs and implement some changes, details will follow soon.

Avatar Nick


We are finally getting started with Transmission 0! The stars have finally aligned and Julian is now free to start working on the new video that I was talking about months ago. Since we still aren't ready to do the tutorial remakes, we settled on doing a video that will give new players some tips and highlight things that will be beneficial for them to try when first setting out in PrUn. I'm hoping that this will assist new players that may not want to spend hours digging into how all the systems work and also might not feel comfortable reaching out to the community at first.

Thanks to the Discord group that commented on all your favorite YouTubers and streamers. That was a great help, and I am looking into all of the ones you've mentioned. I have already gotten some responses from some of them. This is always extremely helpful for me, so if you have a content creator in mind that might like PrUn, please send me a message on Discord and I will check them out!

Happy trading!

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