Planets Reincarnated - Development Log #271

Find out if some of your favorite planets will survive the leap into the new universe and learn how company headquarters function!

Michi (molp)

Avatar Michi

This week I finished implementing the company headquarters. I wrote a bit about them in last week's devlog and today I can present you the UI for it:

Company HQ

It consists of three parts. The first section has general information about the current location and level of the HQ. It also shows how many bases the HQ supports.

The second section allows the materials necessary to be assigned in order to upgrade to the next level. Once materials have been allocated, they cannot be reimbursed or assigned to other projects. "Base permit increase" and "Queue slot increase" indicate what the benefits of upgrading to the next level are.

The last section has the controls for relocating the HQ to another base. The drop down menu contains a list of all the bases the HQ can be moved to. A relocation will be possible every 30 days and the location of the base will determine the level of the new production efficiency modifier.

Depending on the faction affiliation of the base's planet, different expertise categories will get a boost:

  • Castillo-Ito Mercantile: +5% Manufacturing
  • Insitor Cooporative: +3% Agriculture, +2% Food Industries
  • NEO Charter Exploration: +2% Metallurgy, +3% Construction
  • Antares Initiative: +5% Electronics
  • None: +2% Chemistry, +2% Fuel Refining, +2% Resource Extraction

Avatar Fabian

Fabian (Counterpoint)

As you may have heard, there will be a new universe sooner or later, so I'll just leave this here (and yes, some of your favorite named planets from the current universe will make a return):

New Universe

Avatar Nick


We have another Spacedock video out on YouTube! I really liked his plug at the end for our game and was happy the way it turned out. Hope you guys enjoy it as well ;)

Things are moving along extremely well with Early Access content and the new website edits. I spent a lot of last week writing new content for both Early Access and for new pages for the website, which I'm really looking forward to showing once everything is ready. We are going to pause ads for a while on YouTube while we get ready for the release but will pick it back up once everything has been rolled out and all the bugs worked out. This will give me a chance to reach out to more influencers, so send me your favorite YouTubers/Twitch streamers!

Avatar Martin


As long as one doesn't look to closely at the tape holding together the panels and the scaffolds hidden under tarp over there, one can say the backend systems are ready for the EA release. Ready enough anyway so that I am somewhat confident that the remaining bits and pieces can be taken care of over the coming days. Honestly: I can't wait for this stuff to ship to production for a whole range of reasons!

As always: We'd love to hear what you think. Join us on Discord or the forums!

Happy trading!

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