YouTubing & Coding Duties - Development Log #265

With half the team on vacation, Nick and Martin share new YouTube content and design news for the game!

Avatar Nick


Last week we finally saw our first scripted influencer video from Orbital Potato! Check out the video if you haven't already, I think he did a great job of going over what the beginning of the game is like and highlighting what features make it special. We have already seen some great results from his audience with many registrations and some even converting to a PRO license very quickly. Surprisingly enough, we have a couple more YouTubers that are planned for this week! These videos will be a little more "traditional" in the sense that it will be a plug for our game at the beginning/end of the video and not a dedicated "all-about-PrUn" type of video. I'm eager to see how all of these pan out and to also grow our community with more dedicated players that really resonate with the game.

Avatar Martin


My focus last week essentially was on two aspects of the backend redesign: The first one was getting the basic code structure of the hub ready for the freelancer who'll be helping us with translating Manoj's designs into usable HTML and CSS code. She has already prepared most of that code and the next step will be integrating it into the actual system. Really can't wait to finally see the designs "alive"!

The second aspect literally couldn't be further from the first: I worked on the data structures and processes required to merge the databases of the three systems that will be combined when the new backend goes live. When the Prosperous Universe project started, we went a bit overboard with micro-services and split the PrUn account management and the key management (as in: First Access keys) systems into two new separate apps alongside the existing account management backend. This seemed like a good idea at the time because the old account management system had seen better days and was very much focused on AirlineSim. But in hindsight, it didn't turn out to be a good solution for our use-case, albeit it saved us some time back then that we could spend on the game itself. So it's not all bad. You live and learn.

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Happy trading!

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