Maintenance Patch 08

Dear licencees,

just wanted to make you aware of the maintenance release that went live today. We focused on fixing issues and bugs that originated from the Populous release, but managed to include some unrelated changes and fixes as well.

Building repair

The BBL command now has a second button (‘repair’) to allow to repair buildings without demolishing and rebuilding it. It is not necessary to remove any items from the production queue to do so.


Administration Centers

There have been two noteworthy changes to administration centers:

The very first term of a newly built Administration Center will only last three days. That way the Administration Centers can be used soon after completing them without having to wait a full term's length until the first governor is elected into office.


We added a new notification that every base owner of a planet reveives once an election has started.


Material information

The MAT command now shows if a material is used as population infrastructure, CoGC or workforce upkeep.

Material info

Other notable changes include a change to the CoGC's vote influence calculation and the CXPC now showing the traded units instead of the sum of the trades' prices. And there's more: Find a full list of all changes in the release notes on our forums.

We hope you enjoy these additions and that they further enhance your experience while playing the game!

As always: We'd love to hear what you think. Join us on Discord or the forums!