Maintenance Patch 03

Hey everyone,

just wanted to make you aware of the maintenance release that went out April 22, 2020. This release is focused on facilitating a more streamlined experience for new players that join the game. Here are some of the key features for this update.

Company Creation Assistant

Shows players which commodity exchanges are the closest to the selected planet.

Company Creation Assistant

Planet Tips

The Planet Info window now has more information on environmental factors, helping players to decide on a trade.

Planet tips

Flight Support

Suggested travel destinations will appear, categorized by bases, warehouses, and exchanges.

Planet tips

Other notable changes include cancellation fees for when a player deletes too many unfulfilled or partially fulfilled orders in order to mitigate the use of bots. Shipping ads can now be auto provisioned if the player turns the function on when creating an ad, removing the need for the player to manually approve the transaction. And there's more: Find a full list of all changes in the release notes on our forums.

We hope you enjoy these additions and that they further enhance your experience while playing the game!

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