A New World Awaits

Dear licensees,

get ready for a massively upgraded Prosperous Universe! A brand new world has been started this morning, and you are cordially invited to see for yourself how much has happened since the beginning of First Access.

Join now to get a head start on the competition!

New world colony

The new universe will feature several new planets with improved resource distribution, an overhauled material tree and updated recipes, a vastly more intuitive and flexible company set-up process, rebalanced starter packages including the new “fuel engineer”, exploit prevention measures, as well as the first tool tips and descriptive texts. The APEX Handbook has been updated to reflect all the new changes.

We would like to thank our community for providing invaluable feedback over the past few months. It has helped us a great deal in improving the game's design, balancing, ease of use, and feature roadmap.

Let us know what you think about the new world in the forum. Happy trading!