Landing Maneuvers – Development Log #159

Naturally, this log is mostly about the final preparations for our upcoming First Access release. But there is great news that we are very happy to share first: Michi's second child was born this week! This brings the amount of children born to team members during the development of Prosperous Universe to three. So congratulations to Michi and enjoy the first days with your latest family member!

Avatar Martin


My schedule this week was packed: As is often the case during the final phase of testing, every ticket I closed resulted in several new ones I opened. So that kept me busy for several days alone. But I also started deploying the latest version of our backend systems required for the First Access launch, including a small service written by Michi that we'll use to generate and track keys and as well as the payment-enabled version of the "hub". Just as planned I also finalized the setup of our production cluster but ran into issues at the end of the week when the Platform-as-a-Service provider we went with screwed up the setup… the pros and cons of buy vs. make. Anyway, I hope all these issues will be resolved over the course of the coming week so every required piece will be in place for our release!

Avatar Julian

Julian (Mjeno)

Like last week, this one has mostly been a continuation of my three main tasks before First Accees: writing to press and influencers, getting the wiki and tutorials ready, and designing the supporter packs that will become available upon launch.

For the wiki and tutorials, it was very helpful to be granted access to an online, almost complete version of the game in order to capture some footage. Instead of writing new content, I focused on making the existing tutorials better these past few days. Especially the introduction to the game, which used to be overly long, disordered and somewhat filled with unnecessary content compared to its new incarnation. I have now finished writing everything and on Monday, I will start shooting the new video tutorials.

Apart from that, we decided on a First Access release date (TBA very soon), added a whole bunch of new rewards to our Kickstarter-like supporter packages, and I'm currently awaiting the final cut for our teaser trailer. That's all I can tell you today; the rest either isn't news or will be kept secret for a few more days. ;)

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on the forums!

Happy trading!

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