Economic stimuli – Development Log #144

The new Prosperous Universe homepage is finally live! Michi gives a deeper insight into the Chamber of Global Commerce, Martin continues our "new office" mini series, and Julian is in Cologne for devcom and gamescom.

Avatar Martin


Work on automatically managed chat rooms and the required refactoring of our somewhat outdated chat code made some progress this week and I'm almost across the finishing line.

That said, I was primarily traveling this week. Next to some family time and baby-sitting I visited my future hometown to sign the rent contract for our new apartment. And since we all work from home, that means I also signed to contract for the next home of the simulogics HQ. So behold! My contribution to our on-going mini series "Impressions from around simulogics offices in the making":

simulogics HQ

I'll keep you posted! :-D

Avatar Michi

Michi (molp)

I am still working on the Chamber of Global Commerce feature and focused on the voting system this week.

As you might recall, the Chamber of Global Commerce allows everyone who has a base on the given planet to take part in the weekly vote for an economic stimuli program. In this overview, the players can see the current program, the upcoming program and (not shown) a few programs that lie in the past.


When clicking on the "program/vote" button, a list of all programs that can be voted for comes up sorted by influence. Players don't have a single vote each week, but rather an influence whose size depending on how much workforce they have in their base and how satisfied it is.


Clicking the name of a economic program or the "view details" button will open another tile with detailed information about the program. It features a short description of the program and a button to vote for it. In the table below, all voters are listed sorted by their influence.

program details

Avatar Julian

Julian (Mjeno)

I'm writing this from my hotel in Cologne and I'll have to keep it short because it's already getting late. The big one first: Our new homepage is finally here! Isn't it beautiful?

Secondly, the opening day of devcom was awesome, especially because quite a few people were really enthusiastic about the game. Events like this show that, even though our audience is small, it's also really dedicated. For every person saying "this looks way too complicated for my taste", there is one saying "this is exactly my jam". (You know, along those lines.) Check out our humble stand:


Other than that, I continued getting Prosperous Universe on game lists all over the Internet this week. Anyway, I have to get to an industry party thingy. Looking forward to another day of devcom and gamescom. If you spot me, come say hi! I'm wearing the Prosperous Universe badge on my shirt.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on the forums!

Happy trading!

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