Admin tools to the rescue – Development Log #132

The first admin tools have been included into the ongoing test, marking the biggest update to the current alpha yet. In the meantime, a storm is brewing at the publicity front and Michi is stretching his legs in the countryside.

Avatar Martin


It was a close call but I managed to finish the important parts of my work on the new admin tools I've been talking about last week and before. In fact, I already deployed them to our test environment and was able to help out the first player with a small… uhm… fuel supply issue. The new admin API is still a proof-of-concept and I haven't bothered writing proper UIs for it yet since I first want to discuss a few design decisions with Michi once he's back from his vacation. So the next item on my to-do list will once again be corporations… looking forward to that!

Avatar Julian

Julian (Mjeno)

Boy have I been busy this week. Looking for influencers who might find Prosperous Universe interesting, I went through hundreds and hundreds of Youtube and Twitch accounts. I'm done with researching influencers for now, having amassed a sizeable list of potential candidates. All that remains is contacting them, for which I have designated several strategically sensible milestones in the future: As a general rule, smaller influencers will hear from us when the next alpha test launches, mid-sized ones when we move to the beta phase, and the biggest ones will be contacted once the game goes into Early Access. A similar plan exists for journalists. This way, I'm trying to strike a balancing between building some buzz over time and not approaching too big of an audience when the game isn't finished enough yet. Gathering people and integrating them into this plan is all I've been up to this week.

As always: we'd love to hear what you think: join us on the forums!

Happy trading!

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