Development Log Week 96

This week Martin enjoyed the second half of his vacation and managed to stay away from work rather well. In the meantime I resumed my work on the material editor.

Before I left for vacation I managed to get the material and world editor into state where it is functional, can be used properly and is able to export the data into a file that will be interpreted by the backend servers.

Last time I wrote that I am about halfway through rewriting the server code so the data can be imported. It turned out I was right, it took me almost the whole week to do the second half which consisted of reactors, recipes, needs and material complexities.

What's all that you ask? These are the technical terms we use to describe some of the game's building blocks. A reactor is something that processes some inputs and generates a certain output. Right now reactors are only used in the production buildings where stuff gets produced. A smelter is a good example for a reactor. It takes some input material (iron ore) and processes it to a output material (iron or steel). The possible combinations of input and outputs is called a recipe. So a smelter could have two recipes, one for iron ore and one for copper ore. Needs describe what the population of a colony needs to survive, think food, water, other consumables, clothing, etc. Finally the material complexity is a internal value we use to generate prices for commodities that are provided by the system. The more complex a commodity is, the more it should cost, right?

By the way, we now added a media section to the website and filled it with what we got so far. More to come!

Despite being on vacation Martin created our Youtube channel and although there is no content there yet, we'd love it if you could subscribe to it. To get a custom URL and other perks a channel has to have a certain amount of subscribers! Thank you!

As always, we'd love to hear what you think: join us on the forums!

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